How does it work

Topline Resumes will help you to secure more job interviews by showing you how ATSs see your resume and by showing you the in-demand skills missing from your resume so you can update it by adding these skills to rank higher when you apply.

1. Parse

After uploading your resume, the service will parse your resume. If your resume can not be parsed, you will be presented with an error message.

2. Identify your skills

The next step is identifying your skills from your resume.

3. Identify missing skills

After extracting your skills, you run it by our proprietary machine-learning algorithm that was trained on 9.6 Billion words to list the related in-demand skills that are missing from your resume.

4. Scan your resume for grammar and typos

Then, the service will scan your resume for any grammar issues or typos and will highlight the issues for you.

5. Results

The final step is showing you the list of missing skills and grammar.