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Oras Al-Kubaisi

Senior Polyglot Developer
Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka
A highly focused software developer with 15 years experience in a variety of development and
engineering technologies and 7+ years of experience in designing/implementing microservices breaking
down monolithic systems into containerised microservices and APIs based on Open API design
(Swagger). My practical experience is backed with BSc in computer engineering and MSc in Web
development with Management (Distinction). Self motivated and keen learner for new technologies.
More than 2 years of experience in distributed systems and ETLs with Apache Kafka and
Apache Spark along with different RDBMS and NOSQL (MySQL, MSSQL and MongoDB). Im seeking a
new challenge as a Lead Engineer, Senior Big Data Engineer or Principal Engineer.
Skill Summary
2 years experience in distributed systems with Apache Kafka, Protobuff, GraphQL using Go lang
and Node JS.
2 years experience in ETL design/implementation to manage large datasets of using Mongo
Streams, Apache Kafka and Apache Spark (Python).
Automation tooling for Apache Kafka (topic management) using Python.
3 years experience with Symfony 2 building APIs and backend systems.
1 year experience with Zend Expressive Framework (Middlewares).
API design using Open API specification (Swagger) dealing with XML and JSON.
Writing technical documentations for projects.
Linux cli, vagrant and docker.
Mysql for database design and performance tuning that is config based and query optimisation.
Scalable systems with job queues on Beanstalkd.
High availability systems with load balancers on AWS using EC2, Beanstalk and ECS.
Bridging legacy systems with microservices to gradually moving old systems to new technologies.
Centralised log management using FluentD and AWS CloudWatch.
MSc in Web Development with management (Distinction).
Modules included : Entrepreneurship, HRM, e-Business, Developing OO Solutions, Programming in
Java, Web Development in Java (Spring Framework).
Kingston University 2010-2011
Bsc in Computer Engineering.
Modules included : C Language, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, AutoCAD.
Baghdad University 1998-2002
Employment History
November 2017 Present (2+ years) London
RLDatix LTD Patients Safety
Senior Developer
ETL design and implementation using Apache Kafka, Apache Spark (PySpark) and Mongo
Streams (Node JS) to normalise data between MySQL, MSSQL and MongoDB engines.
GraphQL with CQRS pattern.
API based services with Go lang and Python with automated integration tests.
Email notification system (Node JS).
Kafka in-house tools including topic management (Python), Kafka proxy (Go lang and protobuf) and
Kafka ETL (Go lang).
SAML, LDAP and Local authentication (Node JS).
Technical documentation for projects.
Performance testing (Python).
Multi-lingo systems with tools to simplify the process (Python).
All services are containerised using Docker with Jenkins automated builds.
Web services API to bridge authentication between platforms using SOAP (Python).
October 2012 November 2017 (5 years) London
Worldstores Group Part of Dunelm
Senior PHP Developer (4.5 years) / Lead Developer (6 months during 2015).
Microservices with RESTFUL API and SOAP connecting critical financials and warehouse systems
(NAV, In-House order management system).
API design and implementation dealing with XML and JSON using PHP 7, TDD and BDD.
SOLID principles, PSR-2 code quality with Symfony2, Symfony3 and Zend Expressive framework
Git version control using Bitbucket.
Scrum focused team work with iterative sprints to deliver quality systems.
Scalable systems with job queue using Beanstalkd and Symfony2.
High availability systems with load balancers on AWS using EC2, Beanstalk and ECS.
Bridging legacy systems with microservices to gradually moving old systems to new technologies.
January 2007 Januray 2015 (8 years) Baghdad
Hamurabi Web Tech.
Service Provided in Hamurabi Web Tech.
Streaming TV as a service for satellite channels in Baghdad.
Static websites design using HTML,CSS,javascript and flash.
Bespoke website development using PHP, MySQL, javascript, jQuery.
Intranet development.
September 2003 December 2006 (3 years 4 months) Baghdad
Freelancer Web Developer
Tasks included:
Web design using Photoshop.
HTML, CSS, javascript, flash.
PHP & MySQL development.
Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka
MCPD (2010).
MCTS in SQL Server 2005 (2010).
Zend Certified Engineer (2005) [ZEND002606]
Linux+ (2006).
I have a blog for Symfony and PHP snippets, tricks and tips
Open Source Projects
GraphQL to Restful request VSCode extension.
DoneApp a Node JS cli app with Firebase back-end to track my done tasks during the day and
ability to list tasks Ive done during a particular day.
GoComareJson compare 2 json strings to see if they deeply match using Go lang.
Json schema validator Go lang.
Contributing to Migrate project Go lang migration tool for different databases. I have raised a PR
to enrich the documentation and examples for MongoDB migrations.
Monolog Middleware to be used with Zend Expressive or other micro frameworks (PHP)
AWS Lambda function to download FTP files to S3 (Python)
React Navigate url programmatically example (part of my learning journey for ReactJS)
Photography (, Cycling and Travelling

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